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Encrypted USB Storage with Biometric Authentication

Despite being easy to use, the ThinC-AUTH is a complex security token that adds two additional layers of security to your login. With the complex fingerprint sensor, ThinC-AUTH offers even more protection in the form of built-in biometric security.

  • Fingerprint password protected
  • Military grade security
  • User friendly management software
  • Windows & Mac compatible
  • Microsoft verified & approved
  • 2018 DPA & GDPR compliant

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Securing WWW with password-free authentication

Overcoming the reliance on passwords is not going to happen overnight, but with technological advancements, such as FIDO2, there is finally encouragement for a passwordless future. FIDO2 is a phishing proof, passwordless authentication protocol developed as a joint effort between the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) , and the main goal of this project was to create a strong authentication standard for the web. In March 2019, W3C announced that WebAuthn is now the official web standard for password-free login. At its core, FIDO2 consists of a mixture between the W3C WebAuthn standard and the FIDO Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP).

Fingerprint Authentication

Strong biometric technology makes ThinC-AUTH Security Key one of the most secure hardware tokens. The biometric module prevents any misuses of the Key from unauthorised users other than the valid user.

Single Key - Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication to Windows 10 systems (connected to Azure AD); multiple PC platforms; and multiple FIDO2 enabled web applications.

Configurable Security Key

With a biometric touch-to-authenticate, the multi protocol ThinC-AUTH protects access to computers, online services, and networks.

Strong Security Framework

The core functionalities of the embedded security chip of ThinC-AUTH is to encrypt, store and validate your fingerprint templates. Once enrolled, it is impossible for someone to reverse engineer your fingerprint data from the protected storage.

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